Golf Play Regulations


          Each player must wear golf shoes (metal, spike-free) and must have his or her own bag.

Course Etiquette

          We will all enjoy the game of golf if we practice good golf course etiquette. Slower groups should allow faster groups to play through.

          The club is not responsible for personal injury or property damage caused by a golf ball or golfer. 


Rules of Play

Pre-round Registration

          All players must register at the Pro Shop before beginning play.

Advance Reservation Policy

          Full Golf Members: 7 days in advance after 7 a.m. Starting times may not be booked more than 7 days in advance. Sports/Social Members: 4 days in advance after 7 a.m.

Players Without Reservations

          Players without advance tee times are assigned available slots that have not been reserved. Designated tee times are available at the Pro Shop counter.

Practice Guidelines

          When practicing, members are to use the driving tee and practice area only. Under no circumstances are the regular tees, greens or fairways to be used as practice areas. When playing the course, each player may have only one ball in play at all times, except when, pursuant to USGA Rules, a provisional ball is to be played.

Monday Closure

          The golf course, practice greens and practice range are closed on Mondays. The practice tee closes at 6 p.m. on Sundays for mowing
and maintenance Regulations2.jpgpreparation. In the Fall and Winter Seasons the driving range will
close at 4 p.m.

General Play

          Fivesomes that are authorized by the professional golf staff are permitted at Hidden Hills. A fivesome must complete 18 holes in four hours or less. If the nine-hole pace of play for a fivesome is timed at more than a two-hour pace, the group will be asked to split into a twosome and threesome.

          When there are less than four players in a group, the starter may ask to fill the group with other waiting players.

Slow Play

Golfers are expected to complete an 18-hole round of golf in four or less hours and a nine-hole round in two or less hours. If a group of golfers falls behind the group in front, the slower group will be asked by the ranger to speed up.

Golf Car

Golf Car Operation

Junior Play

          A junior golfer at Hidden Hills is defined as a player 6-17 years old. In order to play unaccompanied by a member parent or guardian, a junior must be certified an “A” player by the golf professional. Under no circumstances is a child under the age of 10 permitted to play the course, unless accompanied by an adult, member parent or guardian.Regulations3.jpg

          Juniors may not play during the hours designed for men's or ladies' day, or on weekends or holidays before 12 noon. With regard to course availability, adults have priority over juniors at all times.


Tournament Play

Beverage Policy

          Personal beverages or coolers are not permitted on the golf course at any time. All beverages must be purchased from the beverage vehicle attendant, dining room, or golf shop.

Dress Code

          Men are asked to wear shirts with collars at all times on the golf course and practice areas. Shorts should be of Bermuda length or a style made for and designated for golf. Metal spike-free golf shoes must be worn on the course at all times and in all other areas of the Club. 

The following types of clothing are prohibited on the golf course: