More Information About What Membership Means

Membership Qualifications -

Membership at Hidden Hills Country Club is open to all financially qualified persons age 18 and over of good character and without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religious preference or creed.

Membership is accepted after a prospective member submits a membership application, agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations, completes any provisional period that may be required and pays the initiation fee or other fees associated with membership. Management must approve all new members.

Membership Status/Resignation

Leaves of Absences are not permitted and there is no policy permitting inactive status. A member may resign at any time with 30 days written notice. No resignation shall be effective until the member's financial obligations to the Club have been settled. No refund or prorated fees or dues will be made to any members resigning from the Club. Resigning members remain liable for all dues and charges accrued up to the effective date of their resignation.

Transfers upon Death

Upon the death of a member, the membership may continue with the surviving spouse upon written request of the surviving spouse.

Changing Membership Categories

A member may downgrade membership categories by one level at any time with 30 days written notice. The downgrade fee equals the difference in current membership classification dues and the downgrade membership classification dues. One membership downgrade is permitted in a 12-month period. The member will not receive credit or refund for any difference in published fees.

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A member may upgrade membership categories at any time. For any membership upgrade, the member must pay the difference in initiation fees based upon the original initiation fee paid to Hidden Hills Country Club.

Membership Cards

Members must present their cards for purchases and activities at the Club, and may not lend or give their cards to anyone else for any reason. Violation of this rule can result in expulsion from the Club. Management reserves the right to ask members for verification of identity.

Lost or stolen cards must be immediately reported to the Club membership director, at which time a temporary membership card will be issued and a new permanent card ordered for a charge of $10.00.


Unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the General Manager, house guests of a member who are temporarily residing in a member's residence must be accompanied by a member at time of use of any Club facility and will be charged such guest fees as established by the Club. Cash payments are not permitted. An individual may be a guest of a golf member up to six times per year or a tennis member once per month or 12 times annually. The respective professional staff will monitor this activity.

The Club defines a houseguest as someone who is temporarily residing in a member's residence. Houseguests are permitted to use the Club facilities without the company of the member, once they have obtained a temporary houseguest pass from the administrative offices of the Club. The houseguest, upon approval of the Club, will be issued temporary charge privileges on the sponsoring member's Club account.
Cash payments are not permitted.

The sponsoring member is responsible for all charges made on his/her account by his or her houseguests which are unpaid after the customary billing and collection procedure of the Club. To provide membership privileges for a houseguest, the sponsoring member must initiate the application at least five business days prior to the arrival of the houseguest. Upon approval of the houseguest privileges, the houseguest will receive a temporary houseguest pass that entitles the houseguest to use the Club facilities on a daily fee basis, including green fees, golf car fees, tennis court fees and any other fees as imposed by the Club upon request. Houseguest privileges will be issued for a maximum of two weeks. Thereafter, renewals are at the sole discretion of the Club.

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Charging Privileges

Members may pay for the purchase of merchandise, food, beverages and services by charge to their membership billing account or by American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA. Charging privileges begin after seven days for new memberships, other than financed agreements.

Infractions and Discipline

Any member who violates any rules set forth is subject to suspension, repurchase and/or immediate revocation of membership. Any member found to be in violation of the Rules may be denied all Club privileges, and including the privilege of charging for goods and services. This denial of privileges may apply to one or more family members at Management's sole discretion.

Any member who commits any of the following offenses shall be subject to
disciplinary action. Club members may also be disciplined if any of the members of their family, or their guest, commits any of the following violations:


Management shall at all times have the absolute right to suspend, for a definite or indefinite amount of time, the membership privileges of any member whom management finds has violated any rule, regulation or policy of the Club or whose behavior is abusive or disruptive to the operation of the Club. Prior violation of a rule is not a necessary prerequisite to suspension.

A suspended member will be required to pay his/her monthly dues following the effective suspension. No portion of any fee or monthly dues previously paid by a suspended member shall be refunded or prorated. Management may lift a suspension, at its sole discretion, upon receipt of any competent evidence that any wrongs committed have been redressed and any offensive behavior not repeated.

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